Potentia Analytics: The Power to Improve

The Potentia suite of software turns big data from mess to magic, empowering health care leaders to make the very best choices for the organizations they serve.


Why Potentia Analytics?

Experts in machine learning, analytics, medicine, and health administration uniquely bridge medicine and computer science.

Our Mission

Harnessing the power of cutting edge data science to drive decision making, efficiency & profitability for our customers.

Proven Technology

Potentia modules deliver measurable results. Improvements in outcomes, cost, and patient satisfaction can be seen immediately.

Flexible and Scalable

Potentia can be integrated as a comprehensive package or stand-alone modules to serve specific needs.


"We are extremely grateful for all the hard work (your team) continues to do for us. We are amazed and continue to be surprised by what (Symphony) has grown into which is exactly what we need! Each facility runs differently, and I am impressed with the developers’ abilities to tailor it to our needs."

- Ahmed A. Serag, MD/PhD -


Symphony is an advanced staffing and scheduling resource. Symphony saves money by assuming much of the human load for provider scheduling, and also by enabling providers to bid directly for shifts.

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By pinpointing bottlenecks in patient progress, Bernoulli reveals the best ways to reallocate resources, reduce delays in patient care, and improve both patient and provider satisfaction.

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Infusion delivers targeted professional development, building clinical skills where they have the greatest value and impact. Provider data are continually compared to regional and national metrics to identify learning opportunities.

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