Making Work Flow

Bernoulli uses sophisticated data analytics and machine learning technologies to model the workflow of each Emergency Department and can be applied to other hospital departments.  Leadership is warned via email and/or sms of upcoming bottlenecks that can be identified and corrected in order to see more patients with less wait time.

Bernoulli Features

Customized Process Modeling

Bernoulli's sophisticated and flexible algorithm models resources and processes for each site providing real-time data with one touch to enter patient arrival and without EMR integration.

Real-time Analysis

Data from registration and nursing feed the system for continual, up-to-the-minute reporting of system performance modeling simple to complex hospitals including multi-track, acuity, mid levels, scribes and more.

Workflow Improvement

Bernoulli’s predictive model identifies bottlenecks and redundancies in the system and offers real-time re-staffing recommendations. Bernoulli allows the ED to adapt dynamically to changes in acuity and flow.

Predictive Modeling

Bernoulli allows virtual (drag and drop) reallocation of staff and other resources to predict improvements in flow. Change acuity and volume parameters to see how your system responds.