Policy Making and Negotiations Approach

PotentiaGT applies Game Theory to strategy, policy and decision making through cutting-edge predictive modeling software for assistance to governments, institutions, corporations. PotentiaGT makes your human experts more accurate!


Reduces Variables

PotentiaGT is based on the mathematics of Game Theory and uses artificial intelligence algorithms to produce scenarios and simulations of the states of the conflict or social issue.

Optimizes Outcomes

PotentiaGT generates insights and scenarios of how negotiations and their dynamics evolve. It plays rounds of negotiations involving all significant actors in the real-life situation.

Analytic Reporting Views

PotentiaGT produces visual and text reports describing the most likely path and coalitions formed during the negotiation and how they influence or arrive to a resolution or disagreement.

Guides Decision Making

PotentiaGT provides an unbiased view of possible outcomes along with likely key coalitions that can arise during negotiations to help guide real world negotiations.