The Power of Pre-emptive Scheduling

Symphony simplifies scheduling using artificial intelligence and machine learning to create the best schedules.  Fairness optimization identifies the best candidates for each shift and the flexible algorithm automates the scheduling process gifting a significant amount of time back to schedulers to focus on other areas.  By automating offers with innovative open shift management, schedulers can effortlessly close open shifts substantially reducing costs associated with provider negotiation and shift incentive bonuses.

Symphony Features

Real-time Feedback

Symphony’s real-time reporting tool (OLAP) allows administrators up to the minute feedback at the system, hospital, department, or provider level.

Cost Control

Symphony leverages multiple mechanisms to both limit an organization’s human resource requirement for managing provider shifts and limit the added costs of last-minute shift scheduling.

Comprehensive Approach

Symphony juggles provider rates, requests, credentialing, and access with administrative preferences and requirements. Providers are empowered to swap shifts directly, while the system automates fee escalation for unfilled shifts.

Smart Scheduling

Symphony brings statistical modelling and machine learning technologies to bear on what has always been one of the toughest logistical problems in a hospital system.